Artists Draw for Many Reasons, Including…

When you think of artists, what comes to mind? Oil paints, brushes, and wide-brimmed hats? Well, while all those things are related to artistry, there’s more to being an artist than just tools and techniques.

To view the world as a canvas waiting for your inspired mark is one thing. To see art as something that encompasses every moment of your life is another thing entirely. Artists don’t just use art to express themselves; they live it.

They find inspiration in everything from the smallest blade of grass to the biggest blue whale. Whatever their medium, artists worldwide continue to push their creativity in new directions and discover new ways to express their love of artistry through drawing.


Everyone has their reasons for drawing.

The truth is that not all artists love to draw. Many people who identify as artists don’t even touch a sketchbook or pencil. Artists can be dancers, poets, sculptors, or any creative individual. What connects them all is their ability to take the world around them and transform it into something new through their creative process. But that creative process can vary from person to person.

It’s why people can have completely different reasons for engaging in artistic expression. Some people draw because it’s therapeutic. Some people draw because they have a story they want to convey to others. Some people draw as a way to express their creativity and imagination.

Some people draw to show others how they feel and what they’re going through. And some people draw to see what comes out! No matter your reasons for drawing, you’re part of a long and storied tradition of artists and art lovers. And that’s not something to be ashamed of.


Drawing is an opportunity to practice.

Did you know that the word “practice” comes from the Latin word “practices,” which means “to do, perform or execute”? Artists are always practicing, even when they aren’t aware of it. Drawing is an opportunity to practice your skills with accuracy, precision, and speed.

You’re challenging yourself to improve and reach new proficiency levels when you practice. And when you draw, you’re practicing your artistic skills to improve your hand-eye coordination, visual perception, and creative thinking. Drawing is the perfect way to practice and develop your artistic skills.


You value the feeling drawing gives you.

There are some things that we know to be true. There are certain feelings that we know can only come from one place. Drawing is one of those things. When you draw, you know you are tapping into something special. You’re tapping into your creative side and expressing yourself through art. You’re drawing your special kind of magic out of the deepest parts of yourself. And that’s something to be proud of.


It’s a chance for you to be creative and experiment.

Drawing lets your creativity run wild and experiment with different artistic styles and techniques. Artists who work with oil paints, paper, or clay might all be creating beautiful works of art, but they’re very different forms of creative expression. If you’re an artist who wants the freedom to experiment with new techniques, materials, and approaches to art, there’s no better way to do that than through drawing.

With this artistic pursuit, there’s no expectation that you create a masterpiece with every sketch. The whole point of drawing is to experiment with different materials and approaches. You can try new styles, use different types of pencils and brushes, and even be creative with your paper. Drawing allows you to be as creative as you want and experiment with new artistic approaches.


Art Can be a Means for Change

Artists are often at the forefront of change. They are the ones who open our eyes to new ways of seeing and understanding the world. They use their art as a tool for social change and political awareness.

Artists can make a real difference in our world by using drawings as their means of expression. You can also use art as a tool for change in your own life. Drawing is an effective way to express yourself and communicate your thoughts. Even if you aren’t an artist, you can use drawing as a means for change in your own life.

Art is often used as a way to express emotions and feelings that might otherwise be kept trapped inside. Using drawing as a means of self-expression can help you channel negative emotions and use them to fuel your creative process. This can also help you process past experiences and work through any negative feelings you may be holding onto.

Drawing can be a great way to unload your mind and help turn emotions that might hold you back into something positive. You don’t have to keep your artistic process a secret. Sharing your art with others can be a great way to relieve stress and work through emotions that might be affecting you. You don’t have to be a professional artist to do this, either. You can make your art available to others in a number of ways, including on social media, at art shows, and online through platforms like Etsy.



When you sit down to draw, you open up a pathway to your creative self. You let your mind wander and discover new things about yourself and the world around you. Drawing is a form of self-expression that anyone can engage in, no matter their skill level. With pens, pencils, or paintbrushes in hand, artists of all skill levels can express their passion for creativity and share their work with the world.