About Art-Is-Life

Art-is-Life.com has been featuring artists, in all media, for almost four years. We search the internet for artists who venture beyond the ordinary, with a particular interest in artists who invent or develop their own processes for making art. Artists are also welcome to submit their work, beginning with a simple inquiry by email . Wearable art; functional art (especially for the home) and crafted items will also be given serious consideration for inclusion in art-is-life. Our goal is to give increased exposure to those who are creating remarkable works.

Another important part of art-is-life.com is the “Decor” section, as we believe creative living begins with our personal environment. Over the coming months, we will include interesting, well-written articles about decorating, including the art of displaying collections; arranging furniture and working with colour and texture. Our “Sourcing Guides” have become so popular with our readers that we plan to expand this part of the site as well, with a particular focus on home items that are not readily available in stores. We are always searching the web for the most beautiful and unusual items for your home.