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Christopher A Locke

Framed Art

Whether you have been to the art gallery or you have visited a professional artist doing their drawings on a canvas. Art is always a way artists expressed their intentions and inner thoughts through their drawings. Besides, the world would seem dull and less attractive… Read More »Framed Art

Canvas Art

If you are thinking of a durable piece of art, use canvas as your surface. Canvas is long-lasting, straight linen, cotton, or hemp fabric for several art purposes. Usually, artists use a stretcher (wooden frame) covered with gesso, which prevents the paint from reaching the… Read More »Canvas Art

Aesthetic Art

The world is all about pretty things. Aesthetic is the core aspect of something that brings out its attractive features. To describe the aesthetics of something from a visual matter, you would consider its shape, color, balance, pattern, weight scale, and more. Artists use aesthetics… Read More »Aesthetic Art