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how great thou art lyrics and chords

The hymn “How Great Thou Art” offers a heartfelt worship experience. Its beautiful lyrics and chords touch many. You can find these online for free. The song was made by Stuart K. Hine. It’s easy to play in key C but works from A to D too.

Recommended keys for singing are A, A#, B, and G. They fit many instruments like guitars and pianos. The song’s pace is 140 BPM. It makes worshippers reflect, drawing on Psalm 93:1 and Psalm 104:1-3. For those playing music, there are chord charts and lead sheets. These help prepare for worship and fit any setting.

Key Takeaways

  • The hymn “How Great Thou Art” is rooted in its profoundly moving lyrics and harmonic chords.
  • Composed by Stuart K. Hine, it is accessible in the key of C, adapting well between A to D.
  • Recommended keys include A, A#, B, and G, suitable for various vocal and instrumental ranges.
  • The tempo is set at 140 BPM, ensuring a moderately paced worship experience.
  • References to Psalm 93:1 and Psalm 104:1-3 underscore the song’s spiritual significance.
  • Chord charts and lead sheets are valuable resources for musicians, assisting in worship preparation and transposition.

Introduction to “How Great Thou Art”

“How Great Thou Art” is a powerful hymn that has filled church halls for years. It brings a deep feeling of respect and love for the Creator. Carl Boberg first wrote a poem that started it all.

Stuart K. Hine then turned this poem into the beloved English lyrics we know today. He also added some new verses.

The hymn is famous in hymn history for its moving melody and deep lyrics. These inspire us to think about God’s power and greatness. It starts with enjoying the world’s beauty. Then it shows us Jesus’s love and ends with waiting for His return.

This spiritual song calls on everyone to say how great God is together. It is a key part of music in Christian worship. Many artists from different music styles have sung it, showing its wide appeal and deep meaning. “How Great Thou Art” connects different music types but keeps its important message. It is a major piece of worship music history.

  1. Origins traced back to Carl Boberg’s poem
  2. English lyrics and additional verses by Stuart K. Hine
  3. Melody and lyrics inspire reflection on God’s majesty
  4. Progression from nature’s beauty to Christ’s sacrifice and return
  5. Universally appealing, recorded by artists across genres

Lyrics and Chords Overview

The hymn “How Great Thou Art” makes worshippers feel deep awe. Its lyric structure combines worship chords with deep imagery. This captures both heart and mind.

Christian hymn refrains

Verse 1

The first verse acknowledges God’s greatness in creation. It moves from C to F chords, adding Am7 and G. This mix of guitar and piano brings a soft touch.

It talks of stars and thunder. These images bring out feelings of wonder. They lead worshippers on an emotional path.


The chorus is filled with deep feelings. It uses Am7 and F chords. The line “How great Thou art” is repeated, making it powerful.

This moment brings Christians together in praise. It connects them deeply to the hymn’s divine message.

How to Play “How Great Thou Art”

For musicians and worship leaders, learning “How Great Thou Art” is key. It helps lead the congregation in worship. The song is easy for guitarists and pianists, with simple chords and a moderate pace. Tips include smooth chord changes and keeping the song’s reflective mood. If you’re playing the guitar, make sure to use the latest browser version for online tutorials or chord sites.

For the piano, you can highlight the hymn’s deep feeling. Use loud and soft sounds and emotional playing. The chords C, F, Am7, and G show the hymn’s harmony. Learn these chords with the chord chart to play the hymn well.

Practicing a lot is vital, no matter the instrument. This practice captures the worship feeling of the song. Whether it’s the guitar tab or the piano chords, focus on the emotional impact. Use these music tips in your practice. They’ll make your play better, alone or with others.


Where can I find free lyrics and chords for “How Great Thou Art”?

Look for them on many worship music websites and forums. These places have chord charts and lead sheets. They help with guitar and piano in various keys.

What key is “How Great Thou Art” originally composed in?

It was first made in the key of C. But it’s often changed to keys like A, A#, B, and G. This helps with singing and playing instruments.

Who composed the English version of “How Great Thou Art”?

Stuart K. Hine wrote the English version. He added more verses to Carl Boberg’s original text.

What is the recommended tempo for playing “How Great Thou Art”?

Play it at 140 BPM for a moderate worship pace.

Are there specific Bible verses referenced in “How Great Thou Art”?

Yes, it mentions Bible verses, like Psalm 93:1 and Psalm 104:1-3. This adds to its spiritual meaning for worship.

How can I download chord charts and transpose the music for “How Great Thou Art”?

You can download charts from worship music sites. They let you change the key on the site or with music software.

What instruments are suitable for playing “How Great Thou Art”?

It fits guitar and piano well. Guitarists have clear chords to follow. Pianists can show the hymn’s deep feeling.

What should musicians focus on when playing “How Great Thou Art”?

They should make sure chord changes are smooth. Keep the song’s calm mood. Practice makes perfect for a moving worship performance.

What makes “How Great Thou Art” a staple in Christian worship services?

Its grand tune, thoughtful words, and strong worship feeling make it key. It touches people worldwide with its deep spiritual message.

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