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Art teachers in the US have different salaries. This depends on their education, experience, and where they work. Usually, their Art Teacher salary is between $49,335 and $83,119 a year. On average, they earn $59,573. This includes their main pay and extra rewards. So, art teachers can make various amounts.

Key Takeaways

  • The base salary for an art teacher in the United States ranges from $49,335 to $83,119 annually.
  • The average annual salary for art teachers is about $59,573.
  • Multiple factors influence an art teacher’s income, including education, experience, and location.
  • Art teachers may receive additional incentives beyond their base salaries.
  • Understanding these variables can help art educators optimize their earning potential.

To know more, research educator income in your area. This will help you understand expected salaries and benefits in art education.

Average Salaries for Art Teachers in the United States

Knowing what art teachers earn in the U.S. helps us see their potential income. It covers different school levels.

Elementary School Art Teachers

Elementary art teacher salary is usually less than high school teachers’ pay. They make about $53,000 a year on average. The salary changes depending on where they work and how long they’ve been teaching.

Middle and High School Art Teachers

Art teachers in middle and high schools earn more. They get about $55,000 yearly. This secondary art teacher wage considers their extra duties and skills needed for older students.

Postsecondary Art Teachers

College art teacher pay varies a lot. It goes from less than $47,570 to more than $178,670 a year. In places like New York, they can make up to $144,860 annually. This shows the wide range of opportunities in colleges.

Educational Level Average Salary
Elementary School Art Teachers $53,000
Middle and High School Art Teachers $55,000
Postsecondary Art Teachers $47,570 – $178,670

Factors Influencing Art Teacher Salaries

What an art teacher earns can change a lot based on key factors. Important things like how much schooling you’ve had, how long you’ve been teaching, and where you live matter a lot. Knowing these things can help understand how much money art teachers might make.

Educational Attainment

How much schooling an art teacher has really impacts their pay. For instance, in Santa Clara County, California, teachers just starting with a Bachelor’s make $51,804. But if they have a Master’s, they start at $54,412, plus get an extra $2,576 every year. So, going back to school can really pay off for an art teacher.

Years of Experience

As art teachers work longer, they make more money. Their pay can get up to $80,000 to $90,000 after many years, especially if they have good degrees. This shows that sticking with teaching can really help your wallet in the long run.

Geographic Location

Where an art teacher works affects their salary a lot because of living costs. Starting pay in some parts of California is $41,794, but it’s more in places like Santa Clara County. Things like health care, retirement plans, and other benefits also add to what art teachers earn. So, living in different places can make a big difference in how attractive a teaching job is.


What is the average salary for an art teacher in the United States?

In the United States, an art teacher makes an average of ,573 a year. This includes their main pay and extra bonuses. What they earn can change a lot. It depends on their education, how long they’ve worked, and where they live.

How much do elementary school art teachers make on average?

Elementary school art teachers get about ,000 per year in the US. They usually earn a bit less than high school teachers.

What is the median salary for middle and high school art teachers?

Art teachers in middle and high schools make about ,000 a year on average.

How much do postsecondary art teachers earn?

College art teachers’ salaries vary widely. They can make anywhere from less than ,570 to more than 8,670 a year. In New York, their earnings can reach up to 4,860 annually.

How does educational attainment affect an art teacher’s salary?

The level of education really matters for an art teacher’s salary. In Santa Clara County, California, a high school teacher with just a Bachelor’s gets ,804. If they have a Master’s, their pay goes up to ,412. They also get an extra ,576 every year.

How does experience influence an art teacher’s salary?

As art teachers work longer, they earn more money. Those with Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees can look forward to making ,000 to ,000 at their career’s high point.

In what ways does geographic location impact an art teacher’s salary?

Where an art teacher works really affects their salary. In some parts of California, the start pay is ,794. But in Santa Clara County, it’s higher because living there costs more. New York state also has higher salaries, showing how pay can differ by location.

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