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how to become an art teacher

To start a career in art education, you need both school learning and real-world practice. You must get a degree in art education, go through teaching programs, and pass exams. You also have to meet the rules for being a teacher in your state. This prepares you to help students grow their creative and art skills. Working in art education is rewarding and offers a steady job.

Key Takeaways

  • Earn a degree in art or art education from an accredited institution.
  • Complete teacher preparation programs that include hands-on teaching experience.
  • Pass necessary art teacher certification exams.
  • Fulfill state-specific licensing requirements.
  • Engage in continuous professional development to maintain and upgrade your certification.
  • Develop practical skills to guide students in various art forms and mediums.
  • Contribute to society by fostering creativity and critical thinking through art education.

Educational Requirements for Art Teachers

To be an art teacher, you must have certain qualifications and practice. First, get a bachelor’s degree in art education from a good school. These programs teach you about art and how to teach it well.

Bachelor’s Degree Programs

An bachelor’s degree in art education blends art classes with teacher training. In Georgia, programs must match the state’s standards. Students learn various art techniques and ways to teach them. They also do practice teaching with experienced teachers’ help.

Master’s Degree Programs

If you want to go further, there are master’s degrees. The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) is well-liked. It’s for those with a bachelor’s but no teacher certificate. These programs focus on teaching students from all walks of life. They aim to make learning open to everyone.

Schools like Georgia State University offer these programs. They focus on teaching students from different backgrounds. This is especially true in cities.

Steps to Certification

Once you finish your education, the next step to be an art teacher is taking some official steps. You’ll need to pass exams, get a license, and keep learning. This makes sure you can teach art well.

Pass Required Exams

To get your art teacher certificate, passing certain exams is key. For example, in Georgia, there’s the GACE Program Admission Assessment. These tests check your basic educational skills and art knowledge. Doing well is crucial to move forward in getting certified.

Apply for State License

After you pass the exams, you apply for a state teaching license. States usually give an Induction Certificate first. You’ll need to share your education, exam scores, and pass a background check. This license lets you teach art in public schools. It’s a big step that shows you meet all the state’s needs to teach.

Maintain and Upgrade Your Certification

Getting your teacher certification isn’t just a one-time thing. You need to keep improving and learning. This means taking more classes and workshops. Some states offer advanced certificates or national awards for extra dedication. These can lead to better pay and more job chances. It shows why it’s vital to keep learning in art teaching.


What are the educational requirements to become an art teacher?

To become an art teacher, you need a bachelor’s degree. This degree should be in art or art education. You must complete a teacher prep program. Many future art teachers also get a Master’s in Teaching or Education.

What are the main steps to achieve certification as an art teacher?

First, get a degree in art or art education. Then, finish a teacher prep program. You also need to pass some tests. Additionally, you must apply for a state teaching license.Keep learning to meet state and national standards.

Can you explain the role of student teaching or practicum in becoming an art teacher?

Student teaching is key in teacher training. It gives future art teachers real classroom experience. They learn and teach under the watch of experienced educators.

What exams are required to become a certified art teacher?

Exams differ by state. For example, in Georgia, you need to pass two kinds of tests. These tests look at basic skills and specific art knowledge.

How do I apply for a state teaching license?

After your education and tests, apply for a license. This involves showing your education, test scores, and a background check. You start with an Induction Certificate.

What options are available for professional development and advanced certification?

Art teachers can keep learning through extra courses and workshops. You can get higher certificates. These lead to better jobs and pay.

What career opportunities exist for art educators with advanced degrees?

Advanced degrees offer more job choices. These include top teaching jobs, curriculum jobs, and school admin roles. You can also teach at colleges and do research in art education.

Why is art education important in schools?

Art education boosts creativity, thinking, and feelings. It lets students try different arts, grow skills, and understand cultures. Art teachers are key in promoting these skills and knowledge.

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