How to Change Your Art Style

It is normal to want change in your art style, especially if you’ve been at it for a long. With time, that feeling can lead to boredom, and the only practical solution is to change your art style. Luckily, there are many art styles available to choose from.

However, knowing how and when to change is not as easy as it sounds. Many factors can make the process tiring and scary, making it hard to ever arrive at a point of happily ever after with your art life. More so, the change gradually happens that you hardly notice, and you can feel like giving up.

Nevertheless, it’s better to change than just staying stuck in boredom. But, where do you start to change?


Choose Differently

To change your style, you need to choose three styles and three artists to connect with you emotionally. This way, it will easy to decide on something that you are familiar with.

You have no restrictions on your choice as long as they are different or mix and match them. For instance, you can use all three styles from other artists with different styles.


Pick One Style

From the three choices above, pick one that you feel best describes all of them. Because they are different, you may feel challenged in making this decision, mainly because they are all good.

While this is a tricky step, it would be much easier if you picked an image or drawing that you love; one that you can easily buy and hang in your house.


Analyze Your Style

Analyze the style you picked from the rest. You need to point out the features that stood out and made you select them. It would help to write down all the fantastic and artistic elements that caught your attention.

To better analyze it, you need to ask yourself the following.

  • What has grabbed your attention?
  • Why has it grabbed your attention?
  • How was that element used in achieving that fantastic piece?

Remember that the only way to make wrong observations is by making very few of them. Also, be specific in your comments as you note them down. Ensure you can differentiate the elements in your observations to reach a definite conclusion. If there are outlines, you need to know what exact contours the artist used; bold or none at all.

Analyzing this image will also help you in your life as an artist because you will come across artworks that challenge you.


Combine the Elements into an Original

This is where you need to exercise all levels of creativity. From all the elements you described, combine them to make an original piece. To be clear, you will not be integrating the subject matter rather than the details in the subject matter. To decide on a perfect subject matter, you should use something that you often love drawing since you are comfortable.

Once you are making the original, it will make a unique style that many have not come across, making you change from your usual style. It gives familiarity with a similar work but still offers uniqueness because of your different approach.

Generally, art doesn’t have to be boring; that is why you need to change once the feeling starts to creep in. enjoy making different styles to break from the norm.