What Is a Giclee Print Vs Art Print?

Understanding Print:

As a photographer, painter or artist, you might be aware that these days the value of print work is immense. People do not look to recreate an artwork by hand but prefer printing it to multiply. Hence, considering the importance of print in these fields, it is often necessary to choose the right one. Although there are many kinds of prints, here we will understand about two. Let us learn about giclee print and art print and which one is more suitable for you. As an art enthusiast and buyer also, it is crucial to understand the difference between the two. Firstly, let us look at giclee print.

Understanding Giclee Print:

Giclee print was a major success in the field of art. They came into the market around 1970-the 80s. Before letting you know about anything, please note something about its quality. No other print method comes anywhere close to the quality of a giclee print. It has been a very popular choice among buyers who adore collecting artworks and paintings. Although a copy of the original work, giclee print has gained a good market. When put against the digital printing style of modern days, although the latter is cheaper and quicker. But, it does not stand before giclee print.

Giclee print requires that the original painting should be there as a scanned copy or photograph. The result is also so accurate because of the use of 12 colors in print. The ink used to print is pure and not dyed. While printing, the printers used are although ink-jet printers but large. Often these prints are also taken out on pure cotton papers.

As a result, giclee print allows artists to sell their work to high-value clients or exhibitions. Being so close to the original, it has a big demand in the market for collectors.

Understanding Art Print:

Also a reproduction of the original piece of artwork by an artist. These prints can be printed on either archival paper or normal paper. Many artists use these as limited editions for special fans or buyers. It is also used for distribution on a wide scale. One of the major differences here is that art prints use pigments in ink while giclee prints do not. There is no one method of printing an art print, it is found in many variants and styles. Photographers prefer using high-quality cameras to capture the essence of artworks. This is later recreated by printing. It could be digital art, fine art, canvas, etc.

Although a little expensive, giclee print is a more viable option for an artist. While it depends on one’s choice, it is evident that both can are there as limited edition prints. And one can present them anywhere with ease, without any harm or risk to the original work. Since any option is suitable, artists often prefer the former one. Giclee prints are long-lasting durable, and of high quality. Apart from this, one might need different sizes of printers according to the final result desired.