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The mysterious and scary Art the Clown is the main bad guy of the Terrifier movies. Mike Giannelli first played him from 2008 to 2013. Since 2016, David Howard Thornton has been the one wearing the scary clown makeup. His work has made the character even more famous.

Damien Leone, a filmmaker, created this horror villain. He first showed up in “The 9th Circle.” Giannelli acted as Art in a few early Terrifier films. These include a 2011 short film and the 2013 movie “All Hallows’ Eve.” Then he left the part. Thornton took over with “Terrifier” in 2016. He has played Art in “Terrifier 2” (2022) and will do so again in “Terrifier 3” (2024). His acting has made Art a big deal in horror films.

Key Takeaways

  • Mike Giannelli originally played Art the Clown from 2008 to 2013.
  • David Howard Thornton took over the role in 2016.
  • Damien Leone created the character for the Terrifier franchise.
  • Art the Clown first appeared in “The 9th Circle.”
  • Thornton’s portrayal began with “Terrifier” (2016) and continues through upcoming films.

Introduction to Art the Clown

Art the Clown has been a key figure in horror since 2008. He first appeared in “The 9th Circle,” a horror short. Fans quickly took to him, loving his creepy clown look. Art wears memorable black and white clown makeup, adding to his eerie vibe.

Art scares people with his collection of weapons like a cat o’ nine tails and a cleaver. He became well-known from the film “All Hallows’ Eve” in 2013. His scary acts and lack of speech make him a mysterious bad guy.

Art the Clown shows off supernatural powers, making him even more frightening. His unknown past and special abilities set him apart in horror. He is a silent but scary figure, famous for his demonic clown look.

Art the Clown is loved by horror fans for his scary ways. His character keeps evolving, drawing in viewers. He remains a top horror icon.

Origins and Early Appearances

Art the Clown was first made by filmmaker Damien Leone. He began in short films, slowly becoming known. Art started as a small part but soon became a scary, well-known character. He quickly turned into a terrifying figure in horror.

The 9th Circle

Short Films and Anthology

In “The 9th Circle” (2008), we first see Art. He kidnaps a woman for a dark ritual. This role made people notice him, especially in Miles County, New York. Then, in “Terrifier” (2011), he chases a witness to a crime. The “All Hallows’ Eve anthology” (2013) brought these stories together. It showed Art’s power to scare and keep people’s attention. These early stories made Art an iconic part of horror anthologies.

Transition to Feature Films

Damien Leone wanted to tell more about Art. So, he made “Terrifier” (2016). This was the start of a new series. David Howard Thornton became Art, adding a new level of fear to the role.

Then came “Terrifier 2” (2022). In this movie, a strange force brings Art back to life in Miles County, New York. He meets Sienna Shaw, his new enemy. This movie added many new details to Art’s story. It made him an even scarier figure in horror movies.

Film Title Year Key Events
The 9th Circle 2008 Art abducts a woman for a satanic ritual
Terrifier short film 2011 Art stalks and attempts to kill a murder witness
All Hallows’ Eve anthology 2013 Compilation including Art terrorizing a babysitter
Terrifier 2016 First full-length film focused on Art the Clown
Terrifier 2 2022 Art is resurrected and faces new adversary Sienna Shaw

Who Played Art the Clown?

Art the Clown is a big name in horror movies. Mike Giannelli first played him from 2008 to 2013. He debuted in “The 9th Circle,” a film by Damien Leone. In 2016, David Howard Thornton took over in “Terrifier.”

The Casting Process

The franchise changed a lot with David Howard Thornton. They wanted someone tall, thin, and funny for the new Art. Thornton knew the role and reached out. He nailed the audition with a great improv scene.

His mime skills added a new layer to Art. This started a fresh chapter for the creepy clown.

Impact and Reception

David Howard Thornton’s Art is now a horror icon. People compare his work to Tim Curry and Bill Skarsgård’s Pennywise. Some don’t like the movies’ violence. But most reviews praise Thornton’s eerie portrayal.

Art and Thornton’s work have left a big mark on horror. The character is popular beyond the movies. You can find Art on merchandise and in media. This shows just how much fans love this scary clown.


Who played Art the Clown?

Mike Giannelli was Art the Clown first, from 2008 to 2013. He was in “The 9th Circle” and “All Hallows’ Eve.” Then David Howard Thornton took on the role. He started with “Terrifier” (2016) and is still playing Art through “Terrifier 3” (2024).

What is the Terrifier franchise?

The Terrifier franchise stars Art the Clown in horror movies. Damien Leone, the creator, launched it with “Terrifier” in 2016. It now includes more films, marking its spot in horror cinema.

What are the signature features of Art the Clown?

Art stands out with his spooky black and white makeup. He never speaks, adding to his creepiness. He’s also known for using weapons like the cat o’ nine tails, scalpel, and cleaver. His strange actions and powers make him even scarier.

How did Art the Clown debut?

Art first showed up in 2008 in “The 9th Circle,” by Damien Leone. Then, he was in “Terrifier” (2011) and “All Hallows’ Eve” (2013).

How did Art the Clown transition to feature films?

Thanks to fans loving him, Damien Leone made Art’s stories into full movies starting with “Terrifier” in 2016. Art became a horror icon from then on.

What is the casting process behind Art the Clown?

Once Mike Giannelli left, the team looked for a new actor. They wanted someone tall and thin, good at clowning and comedy. David Howard Thornton got the part. His great audition helped him land the role.

How has Art the Clown been received by audiences and critics?

People and critics love Art the Clown for his unique horror. David Howard Thornton’s acting is often praised, comparing him to other famous clowns. Despite some not liking the violence, Art has made a big impact on horror culture.

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