Why Do People Collect Limited Edition Prints?

What are Limited Edition Prints?

When it comes to limited edition works, many people confuse it. They think that the value of a limited edition novel is the same as that of an art print. While this could be possible in some rare cases, but not in all. Limited edition prints of artworks are the most valuable thing that you can ever get your hands on. But, what exactly is it?

A limited-edition artwork print is a group of artwork that an artist initiates. The artist would first make original artwork. And then, would produce some resembling artworks for only a few people among the audience. This artwork gets printed on a very high-quality canvas or print with high-quality colors and ink. Usually, inkjet printers are famous for this. Furthermore, issuing limited edition artworks mean that the painter would sign it himself. Hence, the value of such work increases manifold. Rarely, an artist would ever sell his original artwork. It is in most cases there for exhibitions.


As for limited edition works, they are popular for some special fans or buyers. Of course, being so special and limited, they are quite costly. If you are a collector and exhibitionist, you should indeed try to get few such paintings. Getting such paintings that belong to your favorite artists is a blessing. Also, of course it helps in enhancing the value of your collection.


Why Do People Collect Limited Edition Prints?

One of the biggest reasons why people tend to collect limited edition prints is value. As mentioned earlier, a limited edition work, which an artist signs are of high value. It is also a great investment if you may look to sell it later. Many people buy an artwork’s limited edition and many years later sell it at a high price. It reaps great profits that way. When it comes to modern art, this may not hold the same but if you can find some medieval or 80-90s art, you can make it big.


Another big plus of collecting limited edition artworks is that it is more or less like the original one. Yes, although it is not the original painting as it is there on a high-quality print and colors, it is like it. Moreover, if you intend to collect and exhibit the work in your private collection, it is possible with it. A signed artwork, that too printed by the artist, gains a lot of popularity. Apart from this, many art fanatics like to use it to get in touch with the artist. This is not impossible but indeed difficult otherwise. When you buy a limited edition print, you gain the attention of the artist and become a close fan of his or her work.

Hence, if you are keen on buying a limited edition artwork print, then know that is a great investment. Either way if you are thinking about reselling or collecting it. Try to invest in young talents or lost artists of the past as you can get these editions for a little cheaper.